35. Pula Open 2023

Pula Open

From June 17 to 25, 2023, the 35th Pula Open international open chess tournament will be held at the Hotel Park Plaza Histria Pula. The first 20 tables will be covered with digital boards so that the broadcast of the games can be followed live.


Organizer: Pula Chess Club

Patrons: City of Pula, Tourist Association of the City of Pula, Sports Association of the County of Istria, Sports Association of the City of Pula

Tournament informations for 35. Pula Open 2023

Time control: FIDE 90 min + 30 sec/move

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Tournament informations in different languages:

HR_35. OPEN PULA 2023

IT_35. OPEN PULA 2023

EN_35. OPEN PULA 2023

 DE_35. OPEN PULA 2023

International open chess tournament

To the general delight of chess players, last year we restarted the tournament after a two-year break. This year we are again organizing the 35th consecutive international chess tournament Pula Open. Last year, despite the two-year break, we were again the most visited croatian tournament, and of course the majority of players were again foreign players. The Pula Open is especially popular among players because it makes a unique combination of playing chess and relaxing, enjoying Pula’s beaches and sights. This year we expect over 200 players from all over the world, primarily because of the exceptional popularity that chess has enjoyed in the last few years. Also, the players wanted an open tournament. This year’s open brings one novelty, which is only one round per day. The tournament will be played again, as every year, in the Park Plaza Histria hotel.

Anyone interested is welcome to follow the tournament live and support the competitors, and all visitors have free entry.

Time control

A 9-round Swiss is played. Time control is 90 minutes, plus 30 seconds for each move played from the beginning to the end of the game. Regular rounds are played every day from 4:30 p.m., except for the last round, which starts at 10:00 a.m. All chess players who have a FIDE ID number have the right to perform. The tournament will be rated for international and national ratings.

Prize fund

Total prize pool: 7.000 € netto
Main prizes:
1. prize 1.000 €
2. prize 800 €
3. prize 600 €
4. prize 400 €
5. prize 300 €
6. prize 200 €
7. prize 150 €
8. prize 100 €

Special prizes

For the most successful international master €200
For the most successful FIDE master €150
For the most successful participants: €400 €300 €200 €150 €100
For players ELO 2201-2400: €150 €100 €80
For players ELO 2001-2200: €120 €90 €70
For players ELO 1801-2000: €100 €70 €50
For players ELO 1601-1800: €90 €70 €50
For players ELO 0-1600: €80 €60 €50
For veterans over 60: €100 €80 €70 €60 €50
For players under 20 years: €100 €80 €70 €60 €50

Prizes are not cumulative!

Registration fee for the competition

Entry fee for the competition: Grandmasters do not pay an entry fee
Players born in 2003 and later pay a registration fee of €40
Other players pay a registration fee of €60